Educational Psychology

Master2: Didactics

Lecturer: Mr. Karim AYADI 

1. Problem Behaviour

2. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

3. Dyslexia

 Description of the Course

 Applied linguistics is concerned with the investigation of the impact of language on problems faced by individuals and/or groups. Although the discipline has traditionally concerned itself with the problem of learning and teaching second/foreign languages, it has not always realised the potential of theory to inform classroom practice and vice versa. However, According to cook (2006), Applied linguistics means so many things to so many people and consequently this field has become a hybrid enterprise encompassing multidisciplinary areas of concern in academia.

This course is intended to build upon master I students’ ‘know what’ and ‘know how’ in research methodology. It aims at assisting them in the enterprise of undertaking a master research project. Focus is on the stage of writing a research proposal: students would write, present and discuss their own research proposal as well as others’.