Topic outline

  • General

  • The first axis: basic terms

    The first axis: political basic terms (1)


     2-علم السياسة


    2-Political Science

    3-الفكر السياسي

     4-الاقتصاد السياسي

    3-Political Thought

    4-Political Economy






     8-النظام السياسي

    7- Authority/Power

    8-Political System

    9-صنع القرار السياسي

    10-السلوك السياسي

    9-Political Decision Making
    10-Political Behavior

    11-النظرية السياسية

    12-الفلسفة السياسية

    11- Political Theory
    12- Political Philosophy

    13-منهجية علم السياسة

    14-التاريخ السياسي

    13- Political Science Methodology

    14- Political History

    15-الأحزاب السياسية

    16-المجتمع لمدني

    17-المعارضة السياسية

    15- Political Parties

    16- Civil Society

    17- Political Opposition

    18-الحرب والسلام

    19-الحرب الباردة


    18- War & Peace

    19- Cold War

    20- Globalization


    The first axis: political basic terms (2)




     4-المواطن والمواطنة

    1- Democracy

    2- Equality

    3- Liberty

    4- Citizen & Citizenship



    7-المؤسسات السياسية



    5- Sovereignty

    6- Legitimacy

    7- Political Institutions

    8- Constitution

    9- Election






     10- Capitalism
    11- Liberalism
    12- Communism
    13- Imperialism
    14- Totalitarianism


    16-السياسة الخارجية

    17-العلاقات الدولية

    15- Diplomacy

    16- Foreign Policy

    17- International Relation

    18-السلطة التشريعية

    19-السلطة التنفيذية

    20-السلطة القضائية

    21-الفصل بين السلطات

    18- Legislative power (authority)
    19- Executive power (authority)
    20- Judiciary (judicial power)
    21- Separation of powers

    22-الحقوق المدنية والسياسية

    23-حرية التعبير

    24-الديمقراطية النيابية

    25-حزب الأغلبية

    22- Civil and political rights

    23- Freedom of speech

    24- Representative democracy

    25- Majority party

  • The second axis: brief definitions


    1-  Politics /Policy (السياسة): the art of governing.

    2-  Political Science (علم السياسة): the science that focuses on the study of theory and practice of government, and politics at the local, national, and international levels.

    3-  State (الدولة): A territory controlled by a government or ruler with the aid of institutions such as the police, armed forces, the civil service and the courts.

    4-  Constitution(الدستور) : A set of governing principles used by an organisation, including a country or a state; or the document setting out those principles.

    5-   Electionلانتخابات) ) Choosing a person or a government by voting.

    6-   Head of state/president (رئيس الدولة) : The chief public representative of a country.

    7-   Legislative power(سلطة تشريعة): The power to make and change laws.

    8-   Independence(الاستقلال): Freedom from the influence or rule of another person, group or country.

    9-   Freedom of speech(حرية التعبير) : A right to speak freely on social and political matters without censorship or fear of forced silence.

    10-  Representative democracy(الديمقراطية النيابية/التمثيلية): system of government where voters elect representatives to make decisions for them.

    11-  Revolution(الثورة): A complete overthrow of a government or political system.

    12-  Territory(إقليم): The land and waters under the control of a state or ruler.