Topic outline

  • General

    المادة :   لغة أجنبية

    الأستاذ : وناس شمس الدين 


    الرصيد: 01


    أهداف التعليم: من خلال هذا المقياس يتم تدريب الطالب على كيفية المحادثة والكتابة باللغة الانجليزية، وذلك من خلال التحكم في المبادئ الأساسية للمحاسبة والمصطلحات المحاسبية الأساسية.

    الجمهور المستهدف: طلبة السنة الأولى جدع مشترك 

    المعارف المسبقة المطلوبة :  أن يكون الطالب قد درس اللغة الانجليزية.

    محتوى المادة:

    1-       الدروس بصفة عامة تخدم الطالب مستقبلا في مجال دراسته او عمله.

    2-       تقديم دروس في المحاسبة  والمراجعة باللغة الأجنبية.

    3-       دراسة نصوص مختارة باللغة الأجنبية في المحاسبة.

    4-      تعلم التعريف بالنفس في اجتماع اوما شابه دلك.

    5- تعلم التعريف بالنفس في اجتماع اوما شابه دلك  


    طريقة التقييم

    تقييم مستمر و امتحان نهائي 60 بالمائة للمحاضرة و 40 بالمائة للأعمال الموجهة.


    المراجع:   كتب وقواميس في المحاسبة ومواقع انترنت متعلقة  بالمحاسبة باللغة الانجليزية

    Distance Learning course ( English)

    Target audience: Students of first year.

    Pedagogical aims: To familiarize students with basic terminology in English in parallel with their field of study

    Teaching methods [ videos, paper support ( slides), distance activities ( MCQs, written production, oral production), periodic activities to be submitted] : Visual meeting, handouts, videos, open debates.

    Time sequencing ( 10-12 weeks): 1h30mns per Week – online every Saturday  

    Evaluation methods: continuous  assessment and workshops.

  • Greetings

    Students will improve their socializing skills, be able to  Greet and introduce themselves to peers and/ or colleagues introduce someone.  Also, they will manage some basic language skills.

  • Let's talk

    this course is designed to enable the students to start a small conversation and introduce themselves on  grammatical aspects 

  • Business Meeting

    A business meeting is a gathering of professionals who come together to discuss operations, address changes, or celebrate the success of an organization.

  • Retail and Wholesaletrade

    Retail and wholesale trade represent distinct segments within the broader supply chain, each serving unique roles in bringing products to consumers.

  • International Trade

    Student will have an overview concerning the international trade and its transactions, in addition to memorizing the main topic-related keywords.


    Key answers  of international trade

    1-    Read the text then correct the statements below (True or false):

    a-      British companies don’t sell overseas. False

    British companies sell overseas.

    b-      Multinational companies sell the same products in different markets. False

    Multinational companies different products in different markets.

    c-      Increased competition is good for producers and bad for customers. false

    Increased competition is bad for products and good for customers .

    d-       Changes in the exchange rate are not important in international trade. False

    Changes in the exchange rate are  important in international trade.

    2/ Match the highlighted words and phrases in the text with their definitions:

    1-      What a company pays for its workers: Exchange rate

    2-      The type of money used in another country or market : foreign currency

    3- The value of one currency compared to another : exchange rate

    4- Smaller companies that are part of a larger company : subsidiaries

    5- Companies that operate in more than one country : multinational companies

    6- Things produced in your country and sold in other countries: exports

     7- Places abroad where you can sell your products: overseas markets

    8- Things produced in other countries and sold in your country: imports